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As interest in China and the Chinese language becomes more prevalent throughout K-12 schools, full immersion trips are a great opportunity for students to apply the lessons they learn in the classroom.

Teaching class and planning a trip can be an overwhelming workload. Let us build your ideal trip, customize it to your liking, and walk you through the planning process. We’ll supply the promotional materials, help book flights, process visas, make payments online, and create a seamless planning process for you.


Engaging language and cultural programs enable students to explore China’s rich cultural history.


Essential China

Explore the Great Wall and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of China’s most famous locales.


Taiwan Essential

  • Discover the beauty of Taiwan’s scenery and natural landmarks.

  • Visit important historical and urban sites.

  • Become immersed in Taiwanese culture and language.


Panda Trek

Visit some of China's most famous sites and creatures. One of our signature itineraries will allow you to experience Chinese culture first-hand through peer-to-peer interaction.


Budget China  

Want to go China but with a lower budget? This program might be the best option! Explore two iconic Chinese cities, Beijing and Shanghai, wherein you'll glimpse all that is modern CHINA.


Travel across China, and make a difference in the process. Partake in a number of service projects in the community and in environmental development.

Mountain Farm Trip:

11 days of adventure through two cities and one mountain town in Sichuan. Experience different cultures between North and South China. Venture into the countryside.

Other SLP Options:


  • Teach English in a local school


  • Visit a retirement home and work with the elderly


  • Work at the Panda Research Center

  • Work on a cherry farm

  • Help build a Buddhist library


  • Visit a rural village, farm, and local school

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Friendship Canal: The Silk Road

  • Adventure of the mysterious “Friendship Canal” between the west and the east.

  • Get back to the history at thousands of years old Grottoes

  • Hike and bike the Gobi desert.

  • Enjoy the desert night sky and a campfire party.



  • Visit a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

  • Travel with local friends.

  • Learn Puppet Art from local artists.

  • Spend a night with local families in a traditional Tulou (土楼) dwelling.


Kangding Tibetan Village

  • Travel from the capital of Beijing to the Himalayan Plateau!

  • Participate in service projects and cultural excursions.

  • Visit local schools, live with homestay families, and experience the day-to-day life of real people.

  • Make life-long friends. (or "pengyou 朋友" in Chinese)


Experience real culture by interacting with local students and teachers in this fun-filled, interactive camp.

Language Learning Camp

Live and learn on a youth camp. Attend language classes, participate in cultural activities, visit local minority villages and ancient sites, all from a safe, fun and relaxing camp environment.

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