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Instead of going all the way to Asia, you've got a flourishing and immersive Chinese community right here in the US.  Flushing district ( 法拉盛) in New York is a collection of the ultimate highlights of Chinese culture from all over Asia.

For as compact as 3 days and 2 nights, take your students to New York to learn about the Chinese American Immigrition experience, enjoy food that represents the full spectrum of New York's diverse and contemporary Chinese community, and utilize Mandarin Chinese language skills where English isn't even needed at all.

Image by Sandy Ching
New York City - Flushings Chinatown immersion tour
  • Enjoy the best and most authentic cuisines from all over China

  • Area is predominantly mandarin speaking, a great chance to utilize mandarin Chinese language skills

  • Take part in a community service activity or engage in a Chinese culture workshop

  • Learn about the modern, hip new-era Chinese community that has blossomed in this area of NYC!

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Image by Madeleine Maguire
Coming Soon: San Francisco, Chinatown immersion tour
  • Experience the best Dim Sum in North America!

  • Engage in Chinese culture with martial arts lessons & Chinese arts workshops

  • For those who wish to learn more about the history and experience  of Chinese American Immigrants

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