Our mission is to provide the most educational, enlightening and fulfilling China travel experience for our clients. With the growing importance of the US-China relationship, we believe that it is principally through travel that one can gain fresh perspectives and understanding. Our goal is to share our passion for China with our clients and to utilize travel as a means to deepen the understanding between our two nations.

Designed specifically for business schools’ annual China study trips.

Educational trips designed to give students immersion opportunities to learn Chinese, explore China’s rich culture, history & scenery.

Want to spend your summer in China? We provide a variety of amazing group trip itineraries! Just fill out the trip application and make memories with your new friends during the adventure.


Students from an Adult Learning Membership Program of University of Denver will go to the three mail city of China : Beijing Xi'an and Shanghai for a 10-day immersion trip. They will explore both the modern and ancient city of China. 

A group of 5th graders from a bilingual elementary school at San Diego will start their adventure to China on this day. They will utilize and practice their Chinese language skills by participate a series of language and culture activities that designed by Real China education speicalist  

A high school group from Illinois will start their 12 days China trip. They will explore and compare 1st and 2nd tier cities in China, to taste delicious Chinese food,  to attend exciting culture classes, visit a local school and even do farm work at a Tea plantation at Hangzhou.

 On this day, a group of High school students from Philadelphia will start their exciting China trip with us. They will visit Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shanghai. They will experience the high speed train in China, At Chengdu, they will volunteer with the cutest giant pandas!

Over the last few years, I have noticed that the clients I have guided to China have been impressed, awed, bewildered and delighted by their experiences traveling in the Central Kingdom. Even I, a person who was born and raised in China, am often amazed at the new facets that each visit uncovers.

It is not a surprise that interest in China is booming. China’s 5000-year history, rich culture, beautiful landscape, and growing economic importance have made it a destination that is popular with leisure travelers, students, businessmen, artists, and athletes.

I encourage you to have your own unique experiences in China and then come back and share them with us.


Nick Wang, Real China Founder and CEO

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